Find out about the best in boiler technologies

40 years and growing

Our 40 year history is rooted in market-leading technological achievements. We understand that it’s vital to use the latest technology across our product range. Innovative engineering, mingled with a passion for our customers, is still our key strength today. We continuously invest in research and development to ensure that we deliver the highest quality, most energy-efficient and reliable solutions for your needs. All Sime products are manufactured using the most advanced production systems and highest quality brass and stainless steel components.

Innovation and inspiration

The boiler market never stands still and here at Sime, there’s a constant thirst for innovation whether for our boiler technology, accessories and controls, or in the commercial sector. We take inspiration from the team we work with at the University of Padova in Italy, and great pride in our commitment to world-beating technology. We work hard at being one of the best around the globe through investment in R&D to ensure we stay at the forefront of the boiler industry in all the markets in which we operate.

Fresh thinking, sustainable future

We’re an open-minded company that partners with different companies globally to create new heating and hot water solutions that will be sustainable for future generations. We embrace different ways of doing things and regularly bring to market boilers and associated products to meet specific local needs, while also investing on a global scale. Sime UK and our customers benefit from this future-proofing mindset which means that when we bring something new to market, it’s got Sime’s reputation, investment and passion imbued within it.