We’re a passionate, technology-driven Italian boiler company that believes in responsive customer service, outstanding product quality and excellent communications.

Here are seven reasons to choose Sime

  1. We are proud of our Italian engineering and design flair that rivals our competitors and puts us firmly on the boiler map!
  2. Sime’s Murelle range of boilers is an outstanding range of boilers that are available throughout the UK and are easy to install
  3. Sime’s boilers have great components – the parts we choose to put inside your boiler are made of the highest quality materials and we never compromise on anything that will reduce the life of our boilers and your heating experience
  4. Sime’s reputation – talk to your installer and they’ll confirm that Sime is a great boiler brand that manufactures reliable boilers
  5. Great warranties – we put our money where our mouth is and give market-leading warranties on all our boilers; check out the options available!
  6. Our customer service is second to none – we go the extra mile to look after you, no matter what you may need
  7. We keep you informed. Sime has great brochures and technical manuals. We’re on Twitter and Facebook and our website is updated regularly so you can always get in touch and find out what we’re up to from one day to the next

When you choose a Sime boiler, you are joining our family of satisfied customers worldwide, and when you put your faith in your installer and a Sime boiler, you can relax and know you’ve made a great choice!