Your house, your home

We all like to think of our house as our home; the place where we turn bricks and mortar into our own safe space to live and dream, to raise our families, entertain our friends, and shut out the world. It is the place where we can relax and switch off from school, work, news and just simply be ourselves, safe and sound, happy and warm. At Sime we really understand this, and that’s why we’ve created a range of domestic boilers that let you get on with your life and make your house your home, with the minimum fuss. Sime boilers are easy to understand and control; our boilers go unnoticed while the heating is fully appreciated as you get on with what really matters: living your life, comfortable at home!

Hot water, cosy living

One of the best things about your day is that hot shower. First thing in the morning; after your run; just before bedtime… Whenever you hit the shower, having plenty of hot water just makes that whole experience perfect. For the ultimate luxury of course, it’s a leisurely bath, just you, a good book, some candles and maybe a cheeky glass of something special. Sime boilers are perfect for cosy family living, making sure that no matter how long your teenagers spend in the shower, how often your little ones need a bath, and no matter what kind of day you’ve had, your Sime boiler won’t let you down. We’re there to make sure the hot water and heating are always available just when you need them most!