Description60/10080mm Twin80/125
Stainless steel flue for high rise flats8096250SS
Telescopic Flue Kit with Plume Management8098605
Condensing Horizontal Flue Kit80962508096253
Flue Extention 500mm80961518077350A8096170
Flue Extention 1000mm80961508077351A8096171
90° Bend80958508077450A8095870
45° Bend80959508077451A8095970
Vertical Adaptor80869508093150
Wall Seals62304008091500
Flue Support Bracket808210280821018082103
Horizontal 880mm Plume Terminal Kit8096260
Plume Kit Extention 1000mm8089920
90° Plume Kit Bend8089921
45° Plume Kit Bend8089922
Horizontal Termianl Only8096253A
Vertical Flue Kit inc Adaptor80912128091212A
Vertical Flue Kit no Adaptor8091212B
Articulated Tile80913008091300
Adaptor Kit – Elite8089912
Adaptor Kit – Pro & Advanced8093050
Air Inlet Terminal8089500
Exhaust Terminal8089501
Manifold Twin 80mm to 125 Coaxial8091401
Air Inlet Condense Collector8092800
250mm Extention with Flue Analysis Test Point6296513