The next phase of the EU’s Energy-related Products Directive comes into effect on 26 September 2018, but what does this mean when it comes to purchasing a boiler?  Sime Product Manager Phil Birchenough explains phase two of the regulations which relate to the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission levels of space heaters.

About the legislation

The legislation sets maximum Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions levels that space heaters and water heaters will need to meet in order to reduce the overall NOx emissions produced by heating.  It follows on from the ErP Directive regulations that were enforced in September 2015 in an effort to reduce the number of inefficient heaters from an energy efficiency perspective.  This phase of the legislation specifically applies to space heaters up to 400 kW in size, including oil-fired boilers, gas boilers and LPG boilers which will need to emit less than 56 mg per kW for gas and 120mg per kW for oil in order to comply with the new Low NOx Class 6 regulations which come into force from the 26 September 2018.

What’s the point?

This ErP Directive is designed to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in an effort to contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and this latest change is about cleaning up the air that we breathe and reducing climate change.  After the 26 September 2018, it will be illegal to sell gas boilers that have NOx emissions higher than 56 mg per kW and oil fired boilers that have emissions higher than 120 mg per kW.

How will this impact my boiler purchase decision?

It shouldn’t impact it at all, over the last decade boiler manufacturers have phased out products that do not meet the requirements of the new regulations from their product ranges in preparation.  However, as the legislation does not come into force until the end of September 2018, product-specific literature and manuals may not specifically refer to a product meeting Low NOx Class 6 at this time.  If you want to double check, when looking at the product specifications be sure to look at the actual NOx measured figure – it must be below 56 mg per kW for gas and 120mg per kW for oil.  All Sime domestic and commercial boilers are fully compliant and have emission levels below these levels.

Will it affect the price or performance of my boiler?

Absolutely not.  All boiler manufacturers have been anticipating this regulation for over a decade and so any changes to product ranges will have been made well in advance of this directive coming into force.  In terms of performance, all it means is that your boiler is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly which is a good thing!