Sime’s John Moran recently accompanied a group of merchants and installers from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to the Sime factory and foundry in Italy.  Here he explains why taking installers to see the factory, foundry, R&D department, and Sime’s Head Office in Verona, Italy, is an essential part of sharing the Sime brand story.  It demonstrates Sime isn’t a new boiler name,  but an established, credible, global brand, that has world-leading technological prowess and a dynamic future.

In early December, I took a group of nine installers to visit our head office, factory and foundry in Verona, Italy. None of the group had been to Sime before and so it was exciting for me to see how which elements of the visit they enjoyed most and what they found most interesting.

We visited Sime’s factory, which is a state of the art modern production facility, where all our brands, from the ALU commercial range to the Murelle domestic boilers are made.  As well as the British Sime brands, all our other boiler brands are produced here, for our markets in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Greece and across Europe, in North America, in China and around the world.  Some of our installers had been on factory visits before and the Sime factory compared highly favourably with the best they had seen.

It was the visit to Sime’s foundry that made the most striking impression on them.  Foundries are exciting places, with lots of activity, heat, and all sorts of fascinating sights and smells that draw the senses and create a real sense of wonder when you appreciate that this is how metal is produced.  Sime’s foundry is world-renowned, and we produce cast iron sections for manufacturers worldwide.  This was something none of the group had fully appreciated before and it made a strong impression on them all and reinforced our reputation for quality, reliability and performance.  It was great to show these installers our facilities and demonstrate that Sime products are manufactured using the most advanced production systems and the highest quality brass and stainless steel components.

This was underpinned by the visit we paid to Sime’s R&D department.  It was evident to all of us that boiler technology is taken extremely seriously here and that the painstaking research being carried out, to develop new products and innovate existing boilers, is ongoing, rigorous and successful.

We ended our visit to Sime by spending some time exploring the historic and beautiful city of Verona and in sampling the local food and beverages.  This is the first group of installers that we’ve taken in some time and I was extremely proud to share Sime’s facilities with them all.  We are planning to have more of these visits for interested merchants and installers because we see it as an integral part of the brand’s development across the UK.