Autumn is upon us and there is a definite chill in the air in comparison to last month.  Many of you may well have begun putting the heating on in the evenings for a short while to warm things up a bit.  If this is the first time the heating has been on in a while, it pays to give your heating system a quick check to make sure everything is working as it should be and prevent any issues arising during the midst of winter.

Check and check again!

Now is the time to get winter ready by running your heating sporadically to check everything is in order.  We recommend running the heating once a month even during the summer months, this not only alerts you to any issues, but it also prevents dust and dirt from building up.  Check the pressure level is correct by checking the pressure gauge on the boiler and ensure that is set at the right pressure, it should be between 1 and 2 bar. Pressure should be checked when the boiler is off and cold.

Time stands still for no one!

Be sure to check the time clock and thermostat are working properly too.  If the time clock isn’t working or is running at an incorrect time, your heating will not come on when you want it to and there’s nothing worse than coming home on a chilly evening to a cold home!

Can you hear me?

If you have an RF, remote or wireless room thermostat make sure it is talking to the receiver unit and that the boiler is switching on and off with the activation of the thermostat.

Feel your radiators!

Feel the radiators and check that heat is being distributed evenly.  If they are cold at the top they need bleeding and if they are cold at the bottom you may need to get an engineer to flush the system.   Also, check that your thermostatic radiator valves are working (TRVs).  Faulty TRVs can be a huge source of inefficiency from an energy saving perspective so they are worth checking!  TRVs work by sensing the air temperature adjacent to the radiator and turning the flow of hot water to the radiator on or off depending on if the air temperature is above or below the setpoint.

Annual service please!

If your annual service is due, make sure you book it in with a reputable Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Check out the HHIC consumer guide to gas boiler servicing if you have any questions or concerns about your annual boiler service, you can download it here.