We may not need our heating in the warmer months, but summer is the perfect time to carry out simple maintenance procedures to make sure you are winter ready when the time comes to put the heating back on in autumn.

Here are our top five tips for summer maintenance:

1. Run your central heating once a month during summer

It sounds crazy we know, but your heating system is like a car engine, you need to run it regularly to ensure the best performance.

Boiler inactivity is one of the biggest causes of boiler failure.

Turning on your heating for 10-15 minutes once every four weeks during the summer months gets everything moving and prevents dust and dirt building up.

It is also worth having a read of the HHIC consumer guide to protecting your boiler and heating system here

2. Summer checks

Summer is the best time to have your boiler service and gas safety checks.

If you schedule them for mid to the end of summer, if there are any issues that need to be fixed, you can address them while you don’t need the heating on so that when the colder weather sets in, you don’t encounter any nasty surprises.

If you have questions about getting your boiler serviced, check out the HHIC consumer guide to gas boiler servicing on our website.

As part of your summer maintenance routine, bleed your radiators either at the start or end of summer to remove any air in the system.  This will ensure they are working to maximum efficiency when you need them come autumn.

3. Flush your system

A power flush can do your heating system the world of good.  To keep your heating system in top working order it’s important to keep the system clean.  Debris can build up in the pipes and radiators which stops your heating from operating efficiently.  Regularly power flushing your system will extend the life of your boiler and will ensure sure your system operates at its most efficient.  A system flush should always be done by a professional heating engineer.

4. Don’t turn your radiators off

It may be hot outside but don’t turn your radiators off with the  thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs).  There’s no need. The heating is controlled by the time clock and room thermostat so if you’ve got these set correctly, they won’t come on anyway.  And if you’ve got a combi boiler you can also set it to hot water only (summer mode), so they won’t come on. Many installers warn that if you turn the TRVS to off over the summer they can get stuck there, meaning you’ll need to call an installer to come and fix them come autumn!

5. Need a replacement boiler? Now is the time!

An obvious one but summer is the perfect time to replace your boiler. Not only do you not need your heating, your demand for hot water is lower in summer too especially if your appliances are cold fill and you have an electric shower.

Remember to make sure your heating engineer is Gas Safe registered.  For Oil fuelled appliances ensure you use an OFTEC registered engineer and a HETAS registered engineer for bio and solid fuel.

Got a Sime boiler and have a question about how to keep it healthy over summer?  Give our technical support team a call on 0345 901 114. Or you can contact us by email on enquiries@sime.co.uk.