Product focus:  Murelle Elite HE 35 T ErP – more than just a system boiler!

Robust and reliable, the Murelle Elite range is one of our most popular domestic boiler ranges.  The Elite HE 35 T is a more than just a system boiler, the Murelle Elite 35 T is one of few boilers on the market that has the equivalent of S plan and Y plan circuits built in to the boiler removing the need for controls and valves on the heating pipes.

With everything built into the boiler, there is no need for zone valves and similarly no need for a thermostat on the water cylinder.  This A rated high efficiency, high performance boiler is ideal for larger households with higher hot water usage demands, providing fast, controlled hot water delivery.  With heat outputs up to 37.2 kW, the Murelle Elite HE 35 T is ultra-quiet when in operation and comes with a ten-year warranty as standard.  All Murelle Elite HE boilers also have the capability to control solar thermal as well as both high and low heating circuits simultaneously.


  • Width:                                                                       450mm
  • Height:                                                                      700mm
  • Depth:                                                                      350mm
  • Sedbuk seasonal efficiency 2009:                       88.6
  • CH output max:                                                      37.2 kW
  • CH output min:                                                       7.9 kW
  • Installer lift weight:                                                43 Kg

The Murelle Elite HE 35 T is one part of the Sime family of domestic and commercial boilers. We’re a global boiler brand, with our head office and production facilities in Verona, Italy.   This means you can be confident that when you buy a Sime boiler, you will receive the quality, service and support you and your domestic customers deserve.  We’re always looking for new Sime installers and if you’re interested in partnering with us, do contact us here.

December 2017