We’re really excited that our new website has been launched and is now live. Having a contemporary easy-to-navigate website is really important in this age of smartphones and tablets. As a business working with homeowners and heating engineers, we recognised that the previous website was looking a little out-of-date, and before Christmas 2016 we put together some thoughts and ideas for a new website.

We’ve chosen a style that should be easier to navigate and give you, whether you’re a domestic customer or an installer looking for a commercial boiler, the information you’re looking for quickly and logically. We’ll be introducing new features and updating this blog on a regular basis. If you’ve arrived here from Facebook or Twitter, please do continue to tune in and if you’re not following us on social media, the icons on the top of our page should make it much easier for you to connect with us.

We’d also love some feedback so if you’ve got a second, do let us know how you get on finding what you need. You can email us (enquiries@sime.co.uk), message us on Facebook or Tweet us. If you’re an installer, look out for a new feature, launching soon, exclusively for you. There’ll be more about that on Twitter and Facebook in April 2017 so stay in touch.

We’re excited about the new products and literature that we’ll be revealing soon. There are lots of reasons to follow our blog, visit our website and become a Sime regular – it’s good to have you with us!