Refurbishing an existing property is the ideal time for homeowners to make their home more energy efficient by investing in renewable solutions.  However, renewable technologies are still perceived by some as expensive and complex to install, causing many to disregard them when looking to refurbish their property.  Fortunately, a number of the new renewables products that are coming to the market, look set to change this negative perception.  Products like our Murelle Revolution 30 integrated heat pump and boiler are easy to fit and deliver energy cost savings that will repay the initial investment in no time at all.  In this month’s blog Sime Product Manager, Phil Birchenough answers some of the common questions from customers looking to install a Revolution as part of a refurb project.

Where do I install the external unit?

This hybrid heat pump and boiler is completely integrated so it doesn’t need an external unit.

But how can the heat pump work without an outside unit?

The boiler has two ducts at the top and the air is ducted from outside.

Is a hybrid unit hard to install?

No, it’s easy – just install it like a regular boiler.  It can be installed where you would put a regular boiler, it will just need slightly more space as it is the size of a large kitchen cupboard (900mm x 600mm x 390mm).  It also weighs slightly more than a standard boiler so make sure you use adequate brackets/fixings and have a spare pair of hands to help lift it into position.

Do I need an F gas registered engineer?

No, just a Gas Safe registered engineer.

If it’s inside, won’t it be noisy?

It is quieter than an external heat pump.  The unit is just a fraction louder than the hum of a fridge freezer.  It can also be installed in a garage or outbuilding if that is preferable.

Do I need to increase the size of my radiators? 

It’s not necessary however, larger radiators would allow the Revolution to run at a lower temperature which would increase efficiency.

What energy efficiency does the Murelle Revolution 30 reach?

This product is an A++ classed hybrid and achieves an average seasonal heating performance of 134%.

 Do I need to upgrade my electricity supply? 

No, all you need is a 6Amp fused spur from a standard ring main.  The maximum absorption of the electrical compressor is 1kW.

Can it be used off-grid?

Yes, it is ideal for off-grid properties and is compatible with all gas types.

 Does the Revolution meet the latest Boiler Plus Building Regulations? 

Yes, it comes as standard with three out of the four Boiler Plus options included: Weather Compensation, Load Compensation and Flue Gas Heat Recovery.