Sime’s National Sales Manager, John Moran, says wishing your customers a Merry Christmas could bring you a Happy New Year!

Customer service is something we all like to talk about.  When we receive good or exceptional customer service, it can turn an ordinary activity into something very special.  With this in mind, how can installers ensure that their customers feel positive about them?  You want them to continue to contact you for their boiler servicing and other heating needs and with most people only seeing their installer once a year, how can you remain front-of-mind the rest of the time?

It might sound like a small thing, but have you considered sending your customers a regular Christmas card?  With fewer people sending out Christmas cards (Facebook announcements are very much de rigeur in this digital age), many people don’t physically receive as many Christmas cards as they might have done just ten years ago.  We all love getting a letter through the post and a carefully chosen Seasons Greetings card, possibly supporting your favourite charity, could be a simple but significant way of keeping in touch with your customers and reminding them that you’re not just their plumber, you’re a valuable part of their lives!

Your card could also include a reminder of when their boiler needs servicing next – not a bad idea when everyone is getting their 2018 calendars and filling them up with important dates.  The boiler service isn’t the most exciting item on the calendar, but it is one of the most important because no one likes to get to November and have no central heating or hot water!

A Christmas card to your customers could also be the one card that makes the difference between a great Christmas and a memorable one, memorable for all the wrong reasons.  If your heating breaks down over Christmas, the last thing anyone wants to do is look up numbers for emergency plumbers, especially if you’re out of warranty or haven’t got cover with your house insurance.  By investing in a box of charity Christmas cards and including your business card or contact details, your number will already be to hand should events suddenly require them.  That reassurance could be the one thing that stops a valued customer – or their neighbour – going over the edge when it feels like Christmas is in jeopardy because of a faulty boiler.

At our head offices in Italy, Christmas will be celebrated from 23 December right up until 6 January 2018, the feast of the Epiphany, when Italians traditionally exchange gifts.  Our American cousins will be celebrating Thanksgiving before they get down to the serious business of celebrating the Holidays.  Being part of a global brand gives us a great opportunity to celebrate Christmas in different styles and on different days.  Your customers are no different; whatever their own beliefs and family traditions over December, a friendly Christmas card from their trusted heating engineer, should be something that brings a smile and good cheer!