Sime’s National Sales Manager, John Moran, looks at how installers are turning their hands to all sorts of different domestic projects, not just boiler matters!

Judging by the daily exchanges and banter we see on Twitter every day, you could be forgiven for thinking that UK installers are solely concerned with rescuing householders from inadequate plumbing and poorly installed boiler accessories.  It is true the examples we see there are quite embarrassing and it’s good to see well-respected installers raising standards by sharing their concerns and demonstrating how things should be done.  This gentle and humorous approach makes a valid contribution to raising standards and making the public at large aware of how things should be done.

It’s not just in the area of boiler installation and heating that plumbers are hard at work over the summer though.  We see installers involved in bathroom renovation and kitchen improvements.  Installers participate in everything from turning off the gas for an old kitchen hob and heater because the family is having a new induction hob and fan ovens; to sourcing and fitting a new shower in a bathroom for teenagers.  As a manufacturer, it’s perhaps easy for us to focus simply on boilers and the accessories that go with them, but in reality, homeowners call on installers for any and every water or gas-related activity.   It’s one of the reasons that we’re so keen to make sure training across the industry remains at high levels.  The events we’re running at different merchants and building suppliers throughout the year are part of our commitment to keep training and education on the agenda for installers across the UK.

Next month (September 2017) is Gas Safe Awareness Week and we’ll be talking more about that then but for us it’s another opportunity to remind the public and installers alike the importance of being properly qualified and registered as a Gas Safe installer.  The number of times installers are in and out of homes nationwide, fixing new pipes, helping as part of a building team on a home renovation project, advising a homeowner on the best new boiler they will need, are all touch points, moments in time when the reputation of the industry comes down to the professionalism of the installer that customer encounters.  It’s why we’ll continue to retweet these great social media advocates as they do their utmost to raise standards through a constant stream of great images, advice and information-sharing.  We think these guys and the thousands of installers like them are simply the best!