A Manchester engineering and plumbing parts supplier has seen an issue with internal space for a new boiler creatively resolved by Sime Boilers.

Valves Instruments Plus in Manchester needed a newer, more economical boiler but were tight for space and wanted to relocate the existing boiler. The old Worcester 24CDi boiler was due to be replaced as it was old and uneconomical.

The client discovered the Sime Murelle One boiler and found that it was the ideal solution as it was small, economical, quiet and well-priced.

The company were also amazed to learn of Sime’s external box cabinet at one of our trade events, making this a truly unique installation as no other gas boiler manufacturer on the currently, has an option market can be to install a boiler outside in a weather proof cabinet.










“We were delighted to discover the Murelle One as it ticked every box,” said Adrian Robishaw of Valves Instruments Plus.

Not only could it provide us with the performance and value for money we needed, but it also worked well in a logistical sense as it freed up so much space in our kitchen.”

The installation was carried out efficiently and professionally by Warmthrough Ltd who will be promoting this ne

w installation option to other firms in the North West and the North East

Wayne Birk, co-owner of Warmthrough Ltd, commented: “I think that the idea of an external installation is marvellous. We can see this sort of option being a great solution for other jobs that involve working in tight spaces.”

This particular installation underlines Sime’s commitment to creating products that can offer premier performance under any circumstances. Our Murelle One boiler is compact in size and ideally suited for rooms where space is at a premium, but evidently functions just as well outdoors, too.

The Murelle One HE is a small but perfectly formed combination high-efficiency boiler. It is available in 25 kW and 30 kW models to meet the on-demand heating and hot water requirements of any home.

Learn more about the Murelle One and browse our entire domestic boilers range here.