We are pleased to announce that we have responded to the new ‘Class A’ requirements in line with the revised Building Regulations

relating to fire safety and developed a stainless steel gas boiler flue suitable for use in high-rise buildings.

The flues are fully compliant with the high-rise combustibles ban and are made from high quality stainless steel, a more durable and non-corrosive alternative to other non-combustible materials such as aluminium.

National sales manager John Moran says: “After the Grenfell Tower tragedy the government has, quite rightly, introduced fire regulations in order to prevent the same happening again.

“While some in the heating industry are calling for the ruling to be relaxed, we believe the amendment was the right approach and have produced a flue for condensing boilers that meets the new ‘Class A’ requirements in line with Building Regulations Approved Document B: Fire Safety.

“Others have responded by producing aluminium flues, we’ve gone one step further.

“Ours is the only stainless steel flue that meets the class A requirements.  It is a more effective material for a flue of this kind as it is more hard wearing and will not corrode.

“As soon as we were notified of the proposed amendment we began development and testing of our new flues and are delighted to announce that they are now available with all of our domestic and light commercial boilers.”

The introduction of The Building Regulations Amendment SI 2018/1230 in December 2018 meant that all gas boiler flue systems featuring polypropylene plastic inner ducts are no longer compliant.

For further information call:  0345 901 1114.