Introducing Sime’s unique integrated heat pump and boiler, the Murelle Revolu


Sime has launched its Murelle Revolution 30, the first completely integrated boiler and heat pump in a single cased product.  Using an ErP A++ 30 kW Murelle boiler and completely sealed 4kW output heat pump, the Murelle Revolution 30 is a single compact unit and can be installed by any registered Gas Safe installer in a single installation process, without requiring an additional F-gas-registered installer to be present.

The unique Murelle Revolution 30 should be installed inside and hung on the wall like a conventional boiler.  The Revolution provides heat and hot water, achieving an average seasonal heating performance of 134%, granting A++ energy efficiency, according to the ErP Ecodesign Regulation.

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How it works

The boiler and heat pump work in tandem, with the heat pump operating first, as this makes the largest contribution to the Murelle Revolution’s energy efficiency.  When the external temperature is higher than its minimum set value (default -7°C) the heat pump and the boiler will be activated in quick succession. When the set point is reached, the boiler will start to adjust power until the heat requirement is attained and then both of the generators will be extinguished.  If the external temperature is higher than 7°C (value can be re-set), only the heat pump will be activated. The boiler will be activated only when the desired temperature is not achieved by the heat pump on its own.

Technical description

Heat carrier fluid receives heat from air taken from outside into the main evaporator.  Once inside the evaporator, this heat carrier fluid comes into contact with exhaust gases from the boiler.  The compressor compresses the fluid an

d the heat is transferred via the plate-type condenser/exchanger to the water returning from the central heating system.  The boiler’s heat exchanger integrates the residual heating requirements.

Key facts and benefits               


  • The Murelle Revolution 30 is 900mm x 600mm x 390mm
  • A++ heating efficiency class
  • Optimum size and no external unit
  • Constant COP of heat pump
  • Series operation of heat pump and boiler
  • Installation the same as a gas boiler


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I install the external unit?
    • This hybrid boiler is unique and does not need an external unit.
  2. Do I have to increase my electrical current?
    • No – the maximum absorption of the electrical compressor is 1kW.
  3. What energy efficiency does the Murelle Revolution 30 reach?
    • This unique piece of technology is an A++ classed hybrid.
  4. How does the Murelle Revolution 30 work?
    • This hybrid boiler is able to simultaneously recover energy from an external air source and from exhaust flues.
  5. What temperature do the exhaust flue gasses exit at?
    • Believe it or not, as low as 8°C.

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