Sime launches new commercial boilers!

Hot o n the heels of the launch of the Murelle One in May 2017, Sime is launching three new boilers to complement its existing, successful commercial Murelle, R and Estelle ranges.  In addition, they’re introducing a new range under the ALU commercial boiler brand. The new boiler additions will further enhance the versatility of the Sime commercial offering making Sime the ideal partner for full-spec projects to meet the needs of the replacement commercial boiler market.

Available from 1 July 2017 is the Murelle HE 70 kW wall-hung condensing boiler that can be installed in cascade, with the high quality brass and stainless steel components that Sime is renowned for and suitable for large domestic or light commercial installations.  Alongside this, new cast iron floor-standing condensing boilers in the 1R, 2R and Estelle ranges, with stainless steel recuperators are being launched.  The 1R HE 9 has an output of 75 kW, while the new 2R HE 7to 13 floor-standing cast iron condensing boilers has outputs from 82kW to 192 kW.  The new Estelle HE 3 to 7 range delivers outputs from 25 kW to 60 kW and all provide an additional boost to the Sime commercial portfolio of boilers to facilitate light commercial and more substantial commercial heating solutions.  Bringing new commercial products to market is part of the new impetus behind the brand in the UK and the overall strategy to position Sime as a technologically advanced boiler brand.

The new Alu brand comprises HE and Plus HE options, which are high power floor-standing aluminium condensing gas boilers with six different versions  from 115 kW to 280 kW in the Alu HE option and three different versions from 360  kW to 1.1 MW in the Alu Plus HE option, packing a powerful punch and making the Sime range definitely worth a second look on larger, more demanding commercial projects.

Sime General Manager Massimo Bizzotto stated; “Sime is renowned for its investment in technology and our commercial boilers are some of the most technically advanced products on the UK market.  By launching a number of different commercial boilers at the same time, Sime is indicating its strategic, long-term commitment to commercial installers in the UK.  We plan further technologically advanced launches in the next 12-18 months to enhance our presence and change the conversation to Sime in the UK market.”





Notes to editors:

Sime domestic and commercial boilers deliver intelligent and environmentally efficient heating and hot water solutions.  With a proven reputation for quality, reliability and performance, Sime incorporates the stylish design and innovative engineering, synonymous with its Italian heritage.  Manufactured using the most advanced production systems and the highest quality brass and stainless steel components, Sime boilers are compact, lightweight, easy to install and come with two, five and 10 year warranties.

Founded in 1972 in Legnago, Verona, Sime has been manufacturing advanced and energy efficient heating and hot water solutions for over 40 years and has operating divisions in, Italy, China, Spain, Greece and North America.

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